To All Afghan and Iraqi SIVs:

We Been Able To Meet Some Congressmen&Women And Senate Staff Today. Our Hot Topic Was on All Those SIV Cases Which Are Denied or Still Pending And Those Who, Their Lives Are In Very Serious Threat While Waiting For The Unexpected Long Visa Issuance Admin Process. 

Good News is, That Each one of them showed interest and been So supportive on this matters. 

We Will Be Meeting More Congressman, Woman And Senators Till End of This Week. 

Purple Heart

Today, at Interpreting Freedom Foundation, we would like to say thank you to all the brave Veterans who risked their lives for the freedom of this great nation, and were awarded Purple Heart . Special thanks to those individuals who served and are currently serving in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq. The President of Interpreting Freedom Foundation Ziaulhaq Ghafoori (Booyah), Cofounder Bahroz Mohmand (Blade), and directer of board Mushtaq Baqikhel (Max) were each awarded Purple Heart for their comradery and bravery while serving as local National Interpreters assigned to the United State Armey Special Forces, engaged in opration endurig freedom in Afghanistan. Interpreting Freedom Foundation is seeking help and support in order to fulfill it’s massion and honor the service and sacrifice of all interpreters, and advocate for their needs.

Prisented: V.P Hekmat (H.K)